Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Think Out Loud #5

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So, here is my Think Out Loud for this week!

Lol!  I chose this picture because

a) ET is one of my all-time favorite movies


b)  We just adopted a pug!

My husband has wanted a pug ever since we've been married (a long time).  I've always thought they were less than beautiful, but now that we have Milo, he's grown on me.  He's a pretty sweet dog, and him and our Husky get along great!


  1. Heck, I saw ET in the theaters when it first came out. Nice to know it is still being discovered.

    Drew was as cute as a button when she was three. :-)

    1. I saw ET in theaters when it first came out too! And yes Drew was cute as a button then.I love ET,I even had my mom search all over the internet for it so she can buy for my kids to see it.

  2. Awwwwwww. How freaking adorable! Great post.

  3. Cool you have a husky,
    I've always wanted one cuz they look so much like wolves