Sunday, 9 September 2012

Winter Moon by Dean Koontz

Winter MoonWinter Moon by Dean Koontz
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I listened to the audio book of Winter Moon. I have been a Dean Koontz fan for many, many years. Winter moon is easily my least favorite Koontz book.

I love the premise of the story and the climax, once we got there, was fantastic. But getting there took way too long. The book moved very slowly. I felt way too much attention was spent on everyday menial tasks, which is quite boring to read about, or listen to in this case.

The book started out strong. Jack is a police officer in Los Angeles. The very first chapter starts with him and his partner getting into a shootout. From there, we go to Quartermass Ranch in Montana where we meet Eduardo. Eventually, Jack moves with his wife and son to Montana and live at Quartermass Ranch, which is when things start to get strange and the story starts to pick up. However, this is about three-quarters of the way into the book already.

I had considered more than once to stop listening and put the book aside, but because I am such a huge fan of Koontz I kept expecting it to get better. I guess they can't all be winners. I won't hold this against him. Still a huge fan, and looking forward to reading more!

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