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The Keeping by Nicky Charles

The Keeping (Law of the Lycans, #2)The Keeping by Nicky Charles
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Although I liked the first book in this series, The Mating, I enjoyed the second book even more! After The Mating I was left wondering what would happen to Ryne and the other two males who left with him. A big "thank you" to the author for carrying on the story.

I thought the author did a better job at putting this story together. The overall writing was better, and the characters were better developed.

Melody was a very likable character, and I enjoyed reading the book from her point of view, and I was very, very pleased in this book to get Ryne's point of view as well. I love being inside both of their heads to know what each is thinking throughout the story. That was one thing I really missed with the first book, not getting to see things from Kane's point of view as well.

Only two things I didn't like about this book...
1)I was pretty sure about what was going to happen and how it was going to end pretty early on in the story. Although the author did throw in a couple of little twists, it was pretty predictable. Still, though, a very good read. I found myself staying up a little too late to try to get an extra chapter or two in each night! I cannot wait to read the third book, The Finding (Bryan's story).

(view spoiler)[Why did Lucy have to die?? I really liked her!! In all reality, she could have stayed behind in Stump River instead of going to Chigaco with Melody, and the story would have been exactly the same, minus the few lines about her being killed. It didn't change anything else about the story, and I really liked her!! (hide spoiler)]

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