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The Guardian's Kiss by Jamie Dougherty

The Guardian's Kiss (Samantha Brand, #1)The Guardian's Kiss by Jamie Dougherty
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Guardian's Kiss is the story of Samantha, an ER intern, who loses her sister to deadly disease. Sam has secrets and certain abilities that most people do not know about. Sam is ultimately saved by Trent. She feels an instant attraction towards Trent, but also senses that he has secrets of his own.

What I liked about the story: I really liked the story line and think there is a lot of potential in this book. I liked occasionally getting Trent's point of view and actually would not have minded hearing from him a little more often. The story really picked up when H.B. was introduced. I liked his character and the tension created between him and Trent.

What I did not like about the story: The characters were not very well developed, and their personalities/characteristics were inconsistent. Example: Sam showed absolutely no remorse for either of her sisters when they died, and she left Barbara to run off with Trent with barely a second thought. Sam is supposed to work in an ER, which would be a very challenging, stressful job, yet any time she is faced with any kind of confrontation or conflict in the book she completely falls apart. Also, some back-story on the characters so we could have gotten to know them better would have been great.

The book that I read was an unedited version, so I really tried to ignore the many, many errors in the book. My suggestion to the author would be that, even though a book has not been professionally edited, to at least proofread it yourself or give it to a friend to look over before sending it out to be reviewed. It was really hard to read as is, and it really detracted from the story as a whole.

All of that being said, I think this book definitely has potential. After some editing and bringing the story into more focus, I would love to read it again.

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