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Q & A with S. Shane Thomas

A Paleolithic fable by S. Shane Thomas  Dangerous magic wielders invade the Stone Age to replace humanity with a species fit to serve their kind. One man was sent to stop them and a group of misfits join the struggle for existence. Archaeology and cryptozoology meld into high fantasy. Kindle Edition, 263 pages Find it on Goodreads Amazon   Barnes & Noble Read It & Reap:   July 23, 2017 Distant Origins by S. Shane Thomas The human race discovered the lost city of Atlantis buried in the ocean. The ancient civilization was more than a city, it was a colonial starship. Mankind formed LARC- the League of Atlantis Reborn Colonies, reverse engineered Atlantis’s design, and launched a half million colonists toward a new home. After living aboard the LARC1 colonial starship for twenty-five years, humanity encounters other species, dangerous forces from Atlantis’s creators, and mankind’s distant origins. Separated from Earth, the colonists must

Q & A with Jennifer Silverwood

Scarred Beauty  A Wylder Tale #2 by Jennifer Silverwood  Vynasha has become prisoner with the other wyld beasts of the castle, but she is not alone. In the howling darkness her majikal bond with the Dungeon Master, Grendall, grows, awakening the dormant power in her blood. Yet as she discovers the true nature of the other beasts, she learns she must embrace madness in order to free them all. Vynasha is willing to do anything to end the curse, even if that means transforming into a monster. Buried secrets come to light in this seductive sequel to Craving Beauty, the Gothic retelling of the classic fairy tale of Beauty and the Beast, where nothing is exactly as it seems and the heroine must be her own hero. Kindle Edition, 209 pages Published December 1st 2016 by SilverWoodSketches Find it on Goodreads Amazon   Barnes & Noble Read It & Reap:   June 8, 2017 Jennifer Silverwood was raised deep in the heart of Texas and has been spinning yarns a