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Symphony of Blood: A Hank Mondale Supernatural Case by Adam Pepper

Symphony of Blood: A Hank Mondale Supernatural CaseSymphony of Blood: A Hank Mondale Supernatural Case by Adam Pepper
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Hank Mondale is your typical wanted to be a cop, down on luck, drinks too much, in need of quick cash private investigator. Hank is desperate for work when he is contacted by Thomas Blake who wants to hire him to find the "monster" trying to kill his daughter.

Although I liked this book, I found it hard to connect with the characters. Hank is a typical cliche. We walked with him through a few days of his life, but we never really got to know anything about him. He wanted to be a cop, but could not because of something in his past, but we are never told what that was. Information like that would have given him more depth and helped us get to know him better. The rest of the characters are very superficial. None of them have any depth or background.

The monster is different in a good way, but we never really find out what it is. It was interesting to be able to get inside the monster's mind and see things through its point of view. That was a refreshing break from Hank's view, but I think this section was just too long. I did not like having to go back and review things we already knew. I think it would have done more for the story to have the monster's point of view dispersed throughout the whole story rather than one long section.

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