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Q & A with Gary Ballard

Under the Amoral Bridge  The Bridge Chronicles #1 by Gary Ballard  Artemis Bridge is the know-to, go-to guy, the amoral fixer in 2028 Los Angeles with the connection for any illicit desire no matter how depraved. He prides himself on remaining above it all, but when an associate dies in his arms, he is burdened with a damaging video of the current mayor he can't sell or trade. With assassins dogging his every step, he has only days before the corrupt mayor is re-elected, handing Chronosoft corporation complete control.  This taut futuristic thriller is the debut novel by Gary A. Ballard, originally published serially on the World Wide Web at . Paperback, 170 pages Published January 31st 2008 by CreateSpace Find it on Goodreads Buy it on Amazon   Barnes & Noble                                                                                  Read It & Reap:   March 23, 2017 I began writing things down a

Q & A with C.K. Stone and Tia Tormen

Hidden Design, the Prophecy by C.K. Stone and Tia Tormen  An ancient Prophecy, foretold millennia ago . . .  Child of the Traitor Conceived in Betrayal Shall pierce the Veil And destroy the Hidden  Mikki Daneen is living the life she's always dreamed but she hides an extraordinary gift--the ability to perceive her clients' most intimate desires. A secret liaison brings death and destruction to Mikki's life, but she's not the only one in danger. Mikki must uncover the secrets of a culture she never knew existed, and expose the true betrayer. Will her psychic visions be able to help her find the evil that is driven relentlessly to slaughter, before it's too late? Hidden Design, The Prophecy, is a full-length contemporary fantasy/thriller novel that contains elements of romantica. The story is set in New York City where Mackenzie Daneen is a successful interior designer, in part because she can psychically link into the most secret desires o

Dazzled by Darkness by Erica Miles

Dazzled by Darkness: A Story of Art & Desire by Erica Miles  Sara is a book-smart Jewish girl who works at the Brooklyn Museum Art School. 'G' is a street-smart Latino apprentice who creates radical, in-your-face art work. When these two NY opposites meet, something clicks and wheels begin to turn. In this unique novel about mental illness, art history, and time-travel, readers will experience life in the 1960's and life during the Renaissance (and other great periods of Art History) like they never have before! The two main protagonists each escape into their own fantasies (hearing voices on the part of schizophrenic Sara; imagined interactions with Dead Master Artists, on the part of "G"), both ending up in a Compulsive-Obsessional World of Art & Desire! Kindle Edition, 433 pages Published November 2015 by Createspace (first published May 18th 2015) Find it on Goodreads Buy it on  Amazon