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The Ex File by Alexis D. Craig: Interview + Giveaway

The Ex File
Behind the Blue Line Series #1
by Alexis D. Craig  

Genre: Erotic Suspense, Police Procedural, Hot Romance 
Publisher: Hot Ink Press 
Date of Publication: 2/7/2015 
Number of pages: 148  
Cover Artist: Laura Hidalgo of BookFabulous Designs  

Second Chances Can Be Lethal  

Narcotics Officer, Sean O’Leary is bitter after a messy divorce that has reinforced his solitary nature, leaving him only with his dog and a sword collection. He could never imagine that his former best friend may be the only woman to bring happiness into his lonely life. 

Ellie Gardner knows loss; especially after she was banished from her best friend/crush's life by his jealous wife. Although the regret of walking away from the love of her life still stung, a chance encounter with Sean may change everything.  

When Ellie and Sean reconnect, they could never expect it'd be in such an explosive way, leaving them both to gain the fulfillment of their 'what if's.

Finding love is hard enough without the past breathing down their necks, especially when said past has no intention of letting go. When Sean's ex, Pia Mastriani returns, Ellie must face her nemesis' relentless tactics to get Sean back, including eliminating Ellie if necessary.

Sean and Ellie’s relationship is put to the test but will they fare well while they go rummaging through The Ex File?

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Alexis is a writer with a couple of day jobs. Working for two different police agencies, it's a juggling act to find time to write.

She is also an aunt, godmother, avid cyclist, serial hobbyist, ghost hunter, and collector of stray animals. Her husband is a loving, patient man.

The author of Imminent Danger, Undercover Seduction, and Give Me Shelter with Lachesis Press, and she has three more novels coming out in 2015, The Ex File on February 7th, Dead and Disorderly on May 23rd, and Bulletproof Princess on August 8th from Hot Ink Press.


Q & A with Author Alexis D. Craig

 Q:  Tell us a little bit about your main characters. 
A:  Ellie is an introvert with few close friends. She had a hard life growing up and isn’t given to trusting easily. Her friendship with Sean was cut short by his overly-possessive wife and rather than fight it, she vanished on the day he got shot. 

Sean is an introvert who likes his dog and his sword collection, in that order. He has friends but not many, and he doesn’t mind. Still smarting from a bitter divorce, he’s not really in the mood for anything serious, and then he runs into Ellie. 

They meet up at a party for a mutual friend and all the sparks they’d both carefully kept at bay erupt into a conflagration. It’s hot and heavy from the first, and neither one of them is under the delusion that it’s anything but serious. 

Sean’s ex, Pia, has a very simple life philosophy: she gets what she wants, when she wants it, and no one can keep her from it. And she wants Sean back, badly. For someone who’s never heard the word ‘no’ in relation to herself, the idea that she can’t have her husband back because she snaps her fingers makes her a bit… incensed. And she doesn’t have to go far to find a target for her rage in Ellie. 

The fight’s on with casualties all around. 

Q:  Describe your ideal writing spot. 
A:   I have the best writing spot ever! I have my chaise lounge in my living room in front of the fire place, and I have my laptop on a mount on a TV tray so I can roll it over and position it exactly where I want so that I can recline and type at the same time. My mouse and keyboard are wireless so I can chill in a semi-prone position and let my brain wander off its leash. 

Q:  Who designed the covers for your book and what was that process like for you as the author?  
A:  My cover for The Ex File was designed by Laura Hidalgo of BookFabulous Designs. It was actually an accident that I discovered her. Felicia Starr (whose awesome Sacred Hearts Coven series I definitely recommend) did her cover reveal for Jack and Ginger, and posted about BookFabulous. I hadn’t found a stock picture yet for my book and was really bummed about it until I went to their Facebook page. It was crazy, because right there, she had the full wrap up and available for sale. I went to their website and inquired about it, and we had an email conversation that lasted about three hours maybe as I told her what I wanted and Laura Hidalgo delivered in spades. Once I got the blurb cleared through my publisher (Hot Ink Press), Laura put the finishing touches on the cover. It was a very straightforward process, and she was beyond easy to work with. I am so detail oriented, things like fonts and whatnot get to me, so we discussed that she tweaked the stuff until we both agreed it was perfect. I totally plan to use her again, because BookFabulous rocks! 

Q:  How do you keep busy when you're not writing?  
A:  I have an administrative day job that I love at a small, local police department. When I’m not at work or writing, I’m reading, doing crafts, or (weather permitting) riding my bike. I like to keep moving, even if it’s just my eyes and mind as I devour my TBR pile. 

Q:  Which do you prefer: hard/paperbacks or ebooks? 
A:  That’s such a tough call. I have always loved books, physical books that you hold and that smell like adventure and knowledge and fun. However, I also love my e-reader because shelf-space is at a premium in my house and it’s a whole lot easier to carry it in my purse than 20 of my faves. 

Q:  What book are you reading now? 
A:  I’m reading City of Toys by Lindy Hudis, with the A Little Sex and Magic series by Michelle Clay up on deck afterward.

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