Saturday 18 February 2012

Five by Christie Rich

Kelli's review

Feb 17, 2012

Generally speaking, when reading any type of fantasy/paranormal story, my least favorite genre is faeries. I don't know whether I find them boring or if the authors haven't done a good job of convincing me that this life would be great, but I typically tend to avoid them. So signing up to read this was a big deal for me. And I'd like to thank Christie Rich for changing my views of the Fae.

In the beginning of the story, Rayla seemed like a brat. She was slightly selfish and mildly whiny and annoying. Not that I was a huge fan of Aunt Grace. She seemed like a sister of one of the witches from Oz. Thankfully, the book picked up once Rayla and Cassie left Moab. There was always something strange about Cassie and her family, I just didn't know what at the time. Once at school, things got truly interesting. Once finding out she was an Elemental, Rayla began being courted by a group of attractive men who were really faeries. I, of course, was drawn to the one not in the group.... Zach. The perfect combination of tall, dark, handsome, sexy, and protective; he was REAL. He seemed to want her as well as protect her from being bonded to one of the fae lords. Things seemed to good to be true.

As much as I enjoyed the book, I felt there were holes in the story. Some things weren't explained or made clear. How did Rayla's mom die? And really, what guy that you just meet believes you're being stalked by mythical creatures? Also, the issues with her contacting her aunt. I understand they were blocking the information she held, but what makes Utah so special? Something else that bothered me was the love triangle. Obviously there had to be issues that don't allow Rayla to bond with Zach to keep things interesting but WHO is Jett really? Is Alithea her mother? And what changed her feelings toward Luke? I didn't see his appeal at all. Even when he opened up during their journey. Team Zach!!

Overall, I really liked "Five". I'm slightly frustrated with the cliffhanger ending. Rayla is bound to get in trouble by doing something stupid (i.e. leaving Finn and Cassie in search of home). I guess I want to know if she will be bonded or not, and if so, with whom. I have a feeling there is a war brewing and only once this ends will we see the true decision Rayla has to make. I also am curious if her mother's motives were to protect her or if it is something else entirely. This is a great start to a series. Definitely looking forward to the next! 
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