Sunday, 12 February 2012

Larkspur by H.H. Laura

Mallory's review
4 of 5 stars 
February 11, 2012
This is the first novel of the Sensate Trilogy. It is definitely an original story; I don’t remember ever reading anything that comes close to this particular ongoing story line. Very intriguing. A mixture of contemporary, Paranormal, Magical Fantasy, and much more, I’d be hard-pressed to assign just one label-so I won’t. I’ll just recommend it and let the reader decide to what subgenres to assign it.

At age twenty-two, Alexandra is a continuing student, soon to begin work on her Master’s Degree. After the deaths of her parents, she developed a sudden need to research her family’s genealogy, and is currently urgently tracking her father’s great-grandfather, Teater Higgins, a younger son who fathered two children in West Virginia and then disappeared. Trying to track him to an old, abandoned Higgins farm in Pennsylvania, Alexandra first falls into a cistern, then is spookily enabled to climb out after she finds a mysterious stone in an enclosure in the well. Later her lifelong disinterest in anything male is reversed when she accidentally makes eye contact with a stranger-but she has no way of realizing that this is quite literally a matter of destiny-hers and his-and that there is a vast universe of meaning and events yet to occur. The most seemingly impossible events and themes will come to play throughout this novel, and the two sequels to come.

This is an intensively detailed, extraordinarily imaginative, novel. I can’t imagine not reading the next two in the Trilogy as soon as they appear.
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  1. Mallory, you have my sincere gratitude for reading my novel and for offering your very positive review. I was thrilled to know you enjoyed my Sensates and that you look forward to the trilogy.

    Although all the reviews from this promotion are not in yet, the unbiased comments thus far have been insightful and heartfelt. Thanks to all the reviewers for reading this author’s work and sharing your thoughts.

    I would also like to extend my appreciation to the moderators of "Shut Up and Read" and "Read It and Reap" for their time and efforts spent exposing GoodReads authors to the readers. The experience has been exciting, worthwhile, and rewarding.

    Happy reading!

    1. Thank you, H.H., for sharing your book with our group!