Thursday 23 February 2012

Blood Red Road by Moira Young

Alice's review 
5 of 5 stars
November 6, 2011

This book is truly AMAZING, everything i hope for in a book. Moira Young is giving Suzanna Collins a run for her money! The world that Saba lives in is cruel and gruesome but so believable, I loved the dialect it makes for and easy read. The action is there from beginning to end you will never know what will happen next! Saba is a heroine that i would love to read about in every book, and most definatley cant wait till the sequel comes out becuase this book was a wonderful thrill ride! 5 stars all the way

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  1. I just realized i have this book. I have got to find time to read it! Seems there is never enough time. Love your review, makes me anxious to get reading! Thanks for your hard work!
    laura thomas