Wednesday 30 April 2014

Think Out Loud #15

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So, here is my Think Out Loud for this week!

My 19-year-old daughter has been searching for the perfect design for her "first" tattoo.  My guess is that after she sees how much it hurts, it will also be her last tattoo :)
In the process of looking at different designs, we have come across some tattoos that can only be called bad ideas.  I have a feeling the story behind most of them start out with...Well, I had been drinking....Have you ever seen the show Bad Ink?  Love it!  
 So in tribute to what hopefully will turn out to be a wonderful memory rather than a later regret in life for my daughter, I've found some bad tattoos.  Enjoy :)

 Maybe he likes chairs?

 Colorful, but scary

No comment

I'm not sure what this is...a hand print?

 This is just plain creepy

 Lol, can't spell

If I ever get the nerve up to get a tattoo, I would get something like this...


  1. "Sweet Pee" hahaha! The armpit one is ugh, just ack! I don't even get why you'd put one of those annoying outdoor plastic chairs on your body. Craziness! I got my first tattoo when I was 18. It's still my favorite one, mostly because it's on my shoulder blade and I never see it. Good luck to your daughter! And I love the last one!

    1. I agree, that armpit one is bad. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I think I'll stick with my sticker tattoos and those washable ones. But "sweet pee" just brought up an funny moment when me and my sisters were smelling candles and my sister was like, "Ahh the smell of sweet pea is wonderful!" LOL

  3. You and me both. I'd love a tattoo but am worried I won't like it once it is done :) Thanks for stopping by!