Sunday, 24 November 2013

Crash into You by Katie McGarry

Crash into You (Pushing the Limits, #3)Crash into You by Katie McGarry
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Unbelievably, this series gets better with each book. I loved Echo and Noah, loved Beth and Ryan even more, and just when I think things can't get any better, here come Rachel and Isaiah. The two are so completely opposites attract, they never stood a chance.

Rachel is the straight-laced rich girl who lives in a gated community, has close and supportive family, and the absolutely perfect life. Or so it seems. Looks can be deceiving, and Rachel's life is not as perfect as everything is led to believe. Isaiah is…Isaiah. If you have read the first two books you should know who Isaiah is. If not, go back and read them. You absolutely can read this book without reading the first two in the series, but I would NOT recommend it. Isaiah is the kid who has been passed around his whole life, can't catch a break, undoubtedly from the wrong side of the tracks.

When Isaiah's and Rachel's worlds collide – wow! I can't even describe it. Katie McGarry writes fascinating characters who are so real you want to reach into the book and hug them…or kiss them in the case of Isaiah!

The only very small minor disappointment is I thought this book built up an up-and-coming relationship between Logan and Abby quite well, but the next book is not about them. While I am interested in reading about West, I was looking forward to more of Abby. I absolutely adore her. Hopefully we will see more of her in West's book and she will get a book of her own later (with or without Logan!).

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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