Monday 22 July 2013

Reader's Choice Awards!

Welcome to the Reader's Choice Awards! 
This is where anyone can vote on their favorite book in a genre category. All participating authors have been entered in at least one category, provided their work had already been published, and each category has at least two authors competing. 
The winning author/book in each category will receive a web badge and will be featured on
the Blogger Book Fair blog.
The voting will be open July 22 - 25.
Winners will be announced the last day of the fair, July 26.
Click here for a more information on the Reader's Choice Awards and to see the blog awards.
  Here's how it works:
 Vote for your favorite book from each genre, one vote per category.
Each IP address can only vote once for each category.
The more the merrier, so invite your friends!
Action/Adventure free polls 

Anthology/Collection free polls 

Contemporary free polls 

Erotica free polls 

Fantasy-Middle Grade free polls 
Fantasy-Mature (1) free polls 

Fantasy-Mature (2) free polls 

Fantasy-New Adult free polls 

Fantasy-Young Adult (1) free polls 

Fantasy-Young Adult (2) free polls 

Fantasy-Young Adult (3) free polls 

Historical Fiction free polls 

Horror free polls 

Humor/Satire free polls 

LGBT free polls 

Literary Fiction free polls 

Mystery free polls 

Non-Fiction free polls 

Poetry free polls 

Suspense/Thriller free polls 

Romance-New Adult free polls 

Romance-Young Adult free polls 

Romance-Mature (1) free polls 

Romance-Mature/Adult (2) free polls 

Science Fiction-New Adult free polls 

Science Fiction-Young Adult free polls 

Science Fiction-Mature free polls 
Short Story-Action/Adventure free polls 

Short Story-Fantasy free polls 

Short Story-Horror free polls 

Short Story-Romance free polls 

Short Story - Science Fiction free polls 
 Thanks for stopping by and voting!


  1. We are having technical problems with two of the polls. We will have them fixed within the hour!

    1. They should all be working now! Thanks for your patience, and please let me know right away if you have any more trouble.

  2. Hi Sherri.

    A number of folks have voted cor Cybersp@ce under Science-Fiction-Mature, but only one vote is showing up.



  3. Thanks for taking the time to do all this for us. I'm sharing like crazy. X