Friday, 27 January 2012

Molly Gumnut Rescues a Bandicoot by Patricia Puddle

Adventures Of Molly Mavis Gumnut (Volume 1)

Molly Gumnut loves her neighbour’s cat, but when she catches him attacking a baby bandicoot, she runs screaming into Mrs Wilson’s garden. After shooing the cat away, Molly rescues the injured critter and names him Furble. But when she takes him to the vet, he says she can’t keep him because bandicoots are protected native animals and must to go to a wildlife sanctuary. Molly doesn't let that stop her from keeping Furble. She informs the vet that her grandmother is a volunteer with a wildlife rescue and would gladly look after him. The vet gives in, but Molly is horrified when Grandma insists Furble will be released back to his own territory when his wounds have healed. Molly can’t let that happen, ’cause that’s where the big mean cat lives.

Well, no way will she let Tiddles hurt Furble again. She doesn't care if she gets into trouble for yelling at the neighbour, or disobeying her parents. She kidnaps the little bandicoot and takes him on a journey to find him a safer home. When things go wrong, Molly realises she’s made a bad mistake. Now Furble’s in more danger and so is Molly.

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  1. I purchased both Rascal books for my granddaughter, and have signed up to read and review this book. I can't wait. Patricia Puddle created a spark of reflection back to my childhood I wasn't aware existed until I entered her world of characters. Kudos to you Patricia!

  2. Thank you H.H. I really appreciate that and I'm so glad you enjoyed the Rascals books.

  3. Patricia, Molly was a delightful firecracker. I enjoyed this chapter book immensely and I want you to know that I will be purchasing this for my granddaughter as well. She is a lover of animals and Molly will speak directly to her heart.