Tuesday 31 January 2012

Amaranth by Rachael Wade

Sarah's review
Jan 16, 2012
4 of 5 stars

I loved this book! Its your classic paranormal romance.
Camille is 21 and went off to Paris to escape, if only for a while, her abusive relationship with her now ex-boyfriend. While there she walks, literally, into Gavin. And he is gorgeous! Two years later life is as normal. While definitely getting away from her ex, states away, she found herself yet again in the break up stage from another abusive relationship. Trying to avoid Andrew, the almost ex, she runs into Gavin at the book store she works at. As their relationship takes off, a dark secret comes out. Not only is Gavin not what he appears, but neither is everyone else she thought she knew. Camille is terrified and angry. But Camille is also in love, and can't give up her best friend Audrey. As she plunges deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole Camille is faced with all new dangerous and foreign obstacles. This book had me laughing, crying and on the edge of my seat. Can Camille get a grasp on this new reality? Will love prevail? Read on to find out! I know I can't wait until the next book.

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