Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Legend by Marie Lu

Buddy's review
4 of 5 stars 
January 31, 2012 

This book is .. un·put·down·a·ble /ˌənˌpo͝otˈdounəbəl/ .. it pulls you into the story immediately, go on read it, I'm not going to ruin the story with my review because I want you to feel the same excitement I felt reading this book!

Ohhh OK! I will give you a few things to wet your whistle about this book:
.. A Dystopian Society set in the flooded Republic of Los Angeles 2130.
.. June (the heroine), the Republic's cream of the croup! A bad-ass chick!
.. While Day (the rogue), the Republic's worst nightmare! A bad-ass dude!
.. Day attempts to steal plague vaccinations for his family .. and in the process June's brother, Captain Metias of the Republic, is murdered .. June vows to avenge her brother's murder, and sets off to hunt Day!

I really don't want to give too much away. I hope my review is enough to peak your interest. The character development is fantastic. The book is written in a style that alternates between the two main characters (book uses different fonts to make it easy to decipher between the two narrators).

I am looking forward to book #2 (coming in the fall 2012) and a movie (predicted for 2013)

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