Saturday 7 September 2013

Jace by T.A. Grey

Jace (Bodyguards for Hire, #1)Jace by T.A. Grey
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book held great promise. The premise of the story was intriguing, the characters held a lot of potential, and the story itself was fun and sexy. While I did like this book, there were too many things that were just a tad bit off to make me love it.

The biggest thing that took from the story was the many, many inconsistencies – in character personality and action, in the storyline, and in the timeline. The characters definitely had their moments, but Mara for one changed her mind so often I was never sure which way was up. Poor Jace never stood a chance against her. Jace was okay for the most part, I mean he was definitely alpha male and sexy, but he did some things that would most definitely be considered unethical in his line of work. The redeeming character was definitely Tia. She made me laugh so much, and I absolutely loved her. In the end I guess it seemed to me like the author could not make up her mind over what sort of personality each character should have, so she just threw a bunch together and hoped it worked.

As for the storyline, first off, a mere 24 hours or so after meeting Jace, Mara was declaring that he could be "the one" and he might be the one thing she needs to be to feel complete. Um, after one day you realize this? If the story would have been told over a couple of weeks, I can see it happening, but as it was it was just TOO fast. Another thing was just the inconsistencies in the plot. I won't list them here, but the discrepancies were major enough to detract from the story. There were also a few spelling and grammatical errors, which if this would have been an ARC would not have bothered me, but I purchased it from Amazon which makes me think it should have gone through an editing process at least once before it was published, and as such I have to take those errors into account as well.

As I said, I did like the story, but I had high hopes, and while it was not a complete disappointment I did feel let down.

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