Monday 19 August 2013

Radiant by Belinda Williams + Giveaway

About the Author:
Belinda Williams is an author based in Sydney, Australia. When she’s not reading romantic suspense or chick-lit, she’s writing it (or else can be found wasting time on social media).

Belinda is also a marketing communications specialist and copywriter who, after spending more than a decade writing about exciting subjects like financial services, IT and hospitality, allowed an addiction to romantic suspense and chick-lit to get the better of her. Radiant came to life when Belinda decided it was time Sydney featured in some fast-paced, heart-stopping romantic suspense, with a dark twist.

Radiant is her novel début and earned a finalist placing in The Romance Writers of Australia Emerald award 2013.

Belinda is a music lover and her eclectic taste forms the foundation for many of her writing ideas. She also has a healthy appreciation for fast cars and would not so secretly love a Lamborghini. For now she’ll have to settle with her son’s supercar Hot Wheel’s collection and the occasional drive in her much loved MX-5.


Title:  Radiant

Author:  Belinda Williams

Genre: Romantic suspense/paranormal

Number of Pages: 384

Cover Artist: Creative Fusion

Book Trailer:  

Buy:  Amazon

Book Description:

Do you believe in angels and demons? They believe in you...

Lily Ainsworth, a twenty-eight year old Emergency Department nurse, is used to keeping calm under pressure - until the day she wakes up to find herself a patient in the very ED she works in. A victim of a near fatal hit and run, Lily recalls nothing of the accident. The only witness is the mysterious and charming, Leo.

As she attempts to return to normal life, Lily is plagued by strange events, which has her wondering whether the hit and run was merely a coincidence, or if it was something much more sinister...

Drawn to Leo, Lily confides in him and reveals long unanswered questions about the disappearance of her mother twenty-five years earlier. But his presence appears to come at a price.

Suddenly thrown into a dark world she doesn't recognise and fighting to stay alive, Lily begins to realise the key to her survival lies in answering the questions surrounding her past.

It's a journey that will change her life forever, make her question everything she has ever believed in, and test her feelings for Leo in ways she never imagined.

2013 Romance Writers of Australia Emerald award finalist

4 out of 5 stars
Lily is a 20-something emergency room nurse who had lived a pretty normal life until the day she was involved in a hit and run and ended up as a patient in her own ED. Though she recovered quickly, strange occurrences make her question her sanity and eventually everything she had ever believed. And then there is Leo, the only witness to the hit and run, who keeps popping up in Lily's life when she least expects him, and they forge a comfortable relationship, though Leo keeps Lily at a distance despite his obvious feelings for her.

The characters in this story were great. Lily was pretty level headed and – what's a good word for her? – safe perhaps. She lived a quiet life and stayed out of trouble. Her best friend, Kristi, lived a little more loudly and tried to bring Lily out of her shell. The two friends were a good combination, and Kristi brought a lot of fun to the story. The author did a great job creating her characters, as each one brought their own unique identity to the story. There was a good mix of personalities that made the story fun yet suspenseful.

Told mostly from Lily's point of view but switching occasionally to other characters, Radiant was an original story that was fast paced and full of action. I really enjoyed the writing and the author's story-telling abilities. There was a lot of mystery and some most unexpected discoveries near the end! Overall I enjoyed Radiant. The story wrapped up nicely with no cliffhanger but with enough of a tease to make you look forward to book two.


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