Friday 30 August 2013

Sweet Blood of Mine (Overworld Chronicles, #1) by John Corwin

Sweet Blood of Mine (Overworld Chronicles, #1)Sweet Blood of Mine by John Corwin
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I just added a new name to my list of favorite authors and series! John Corwin has made it with this one! He takes us on a funny and emotional adventure into the perils of high school life. He created a cast of characters that were not only relatable but multidimensional. Cast in point, the jock who bullied the nerds was also insecure around girls. Who knew?

Justin Case was your normal nerd. He was chubby, wore glasses and loved to play Kings and Castles. After rescuing Katie, the girl he has a crush on, things are looking up for him. This doesn't last long though. He goes from nerd to popular to social pariah. Now even his nerd friends won't associate with him. He is then accepted in the Goth group where he learns what true friendship is all about. Elyssa is part of this group. She uses the makeup, body piercings and weird clothes as a shield to protect herself. They are attracted to each other, but can they make it work?

This was a fabulous read and I would highly recommend it! Not only do we see how hard high school life is for a normal human, but it is even harder for those who have supernatural abilities Justin, who just discovered them and Elyssa,who has had them all her life. They both struggle to keep hidden their special abilities. This is our introduction to the paranormal world which has its own set of problems and prejudices. I am looking forward to the next installment in this series!

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