Wednesday 15 January 2014

The Rain: Rebirth by Amos Cassidy + Giveaway

The Rain: Rebirth (The Rain Series #1)
by Amos Cassidy

Published January 17th 2014 by Nevermore Press

Jake Pendragon has lost the love of his life. Desperate for a fresh start he moves to Longbrooke - a small British coastal town. The people are friendly, the town is quaint and Jake finally feels as if he could start anew. Then the Rain falls, an ancient weapon that only Jake can manipulate, and Jake is thrust into a world where Myth and Legend are reality and his bloodline the only possible saviour of mankind.

With the rebirth of The Rain comes something sinister and Jake finds his life and those that he has grown to care for in danger. Will he succeed in mastering the power inside him before it's too late or will the sinister threat accomplish its deadly goal?


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Exclusive Excerpt:

Jake had never felt as self conscious as he did right then, standing in the queue to get into Wings. He could feel the eyes on him, speculating, assessing, appraising and it made him want to turn and run in the opposite direction. The only thing that kept him rooted to the spot was his promise to Greg. In the short time he had known the bloke, he was already beginning to consider him a friend and his friend would be waiting for him somewhere inside. Despite his discomfort, he couldn't let him down.

The queue moved up a foot and he shuffled along with it, avoiding eyes and watching the pavement. When had he become such a hermit? Right, when Michael left his life. He pushed thoughts of his lover out of his mind. If he started to reminisce he wouldn't stop, and if he didn't stop then the dam would break, and if the dam broke then, it didn't bear thinking about.

Another foot and he was almost at the front of the queue. The twinkling lights of the elaborate sign cast a cheery glow across his bare skin. The rain earlier had cleared the air and it was surprisingly mild for a late November evening. Bearing this in mind, he had donned a black short-sleeved polo shirt that fit him snugly, but not too snugly, and his comfortable dark jeans. Michael had loved the way his arse looked in them, Dammit! He needed to stop doing that.

Another shuffle and he shuddered as a prickling sensation ran across his skin. Weird...

He looked up to see the bouncer remove the barrier and let a few more people in. Like most bouncers, the man was tall, built and forbidding-looking. With short, dark, cropped hair, and eyes like steel, he gave each entrant a thorough once over.

Jake got to the front of the queue and waited for the bouncer to remove the rope barrier, his eyes fixed on the thick red, velvet rope. Nothing happened.

Jake looked up.

The bouncer was staring at him, his eyes narrowed, his lips pressed tightly together.

"New in town?" he asked.

Jake blinked up in surprise. Was it a requirement to make small talk before entering? He nodded. "Yes."

"Passing through?"

Jake frowned. Something about the bouncer's tone rankled him and he found his hackles rising in defence. "I don't see how that's any of your business."

The bouncer's brows shot up and then his mouth arranged itself in a humourless grin. "If you're coming into my club then, yeah, it is my business."

Sod this, he didn't need this hassle. He was just about to open his mouth and tell the bouncer where to shove it when another voice did it for him.

"For fuck's sake, Samuel, stop flirting with Jake and let us in!" The voice was female, sultry and deliberately provocative.

Samuel's head whipped up and his nostrils flared. His eyes narrowed once more. "You know this guy?" he asked the owner of the voice.

Jake felt an arm slip through his and looked up to find a short, curvy red-head on his arm. She shot him a wink and turned back to Samuel the bouncer. "Why? You jealous?" There was a little too much sincerity in that question. As if realising this, the red-head covered it with a laugh.

Samuel stared steadily down at the woman for a long beat before lifting the barrier and waving them through. The red-head tugged him along, and as they passed the big guy he leaned in and whispered something which sounded an awful lot like, "Watch your back," and then they were in the dark, humid confines of the club.

"Well," the woman extricated herself. "That wasn't the way I was intending on meeting you for the first time, but I guess it will have to do." She held out a hand. "I'm Ivy, Ivy Black." And then it hit him, where he had seen her before; outside Greg's picking up Crystal. He would know that shade of red anywhere.

Jake took her hand and shook it once. "Jake Pendragon. But you already knew that."

She chuckled. "Nothing stays secret in this town for long." She leaned in. "You weren't going for secret were you?"

Now it was Jake's turn to chuckle.

About the Authors:
Amos Cassidy - a team of two. Amos is a 29 year old Diva and Cassidy a 36 year old mum of three.

Aside from a passion for writing and a love of reading they also share an addiction to coffee, love anything Joss Whedon and are constantly playing tug of war over Jensen Ackles.

They have been writing together for four years and their new novel - the first book in a brand new series - 'The Rain: Rebirth' is due for release on 17th January 2014.





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