Saturday 18 January 2014

Edge of Dawn by Lara Adrian

Edge of Dawn (Midnight Breed, #11)Edge of Dawn by Lara Adrian
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I have to admit I was a little reluctant to read this after I realized it time jumped 20 years. Though I love the Midnight Breed series, and I love the kids (Kellan, Mira, and Nathan) from the series, I was afraid we would lose too much in the transition from one generation to the next. However, I am happy to report that this book was as wonderful as the first ones. The time jump did take a few chapters to get used to. As I was reading I was picturing the 'kids' as kids; it took me a little while to get it through my head that they are now grown up.

Edge of Dawn is Kellan and Mira's story. We saw where they came from and watched them find their little piece of the world as children. This book definitely did them justice. I love Mira. She grew up in the world of the Order surrounded by boys trying to become men, and she held her own. She demanded their love and respect, and she never backed down from something she wanted. If you've read the first books in this series you know Kellan came from death and destruction. He had made something for himself, but in a moment of fear he gave it all up. He thought, of course, he was doing it for all the right reasons, but he eventually discovers you can't run from fate.

I had really thought the Breed series would end with Chase's story in Darker After Midnight. However, Lara Adrian has reinvented the series by aging the kids and bringing in new threats to the Breed. All of our old favorites of the Order are still in this story, but with the addition of some new and fascinating characters. I'm excited about where this storyline is going and am looking forward to Nathan's story, but I really hope it doesn't end there!

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