Saturday, 6 October 2012

Read it & Reap #98

Title:   Search for the Fallen

J.E. Hudson

Series:  Book 1 of Angels of the Sword

Genre:  Epic Fantasy

Page Count:  250

Published:  August 19, 2012

Sometimes a prank can cause more trouble than expected. Sometime it can change the fate of the world.

When a mystic catches two teen sweethearts pulling a prank, she drags them into the millennia long war between Heaven and Hell in the world of Teal. Worse, the duo end up on opposite sides – with the duty to kill each other on sight. Can Drowen defy Heaven and Hell and rescue Esca from a life of murder and mayhem? They certainly won’t look the other way. Esca can decipher the one book whose content can determine the victor of the war.

This exciting, first book of the series begins a tale about two people who will change the fate of their world.
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