Monday 15 October 2012

Read It & Reap #103

Title:  Blackstone & Brenwen: Swansong for a Sibling

Author:  Andrew D. Mellusco

Genre:  Fantasy

Page Count: 430

Published:  July 2012

Aladdin was a lad in trouble but now the talented young spy is ready to settle his score with Ahban Nazeer; a man who had torn down his World-Tree… a man who is now fresh out of wishes and needs ambitious Blackstone's trainee and Centaur, Epona Brenwen, to help him unite the five realms of Persia. Meanwhile Epona’s mentor, Elliot Blackstone, journeys to the Faun realm of Panonia to represent a Human accused of Witch-Trickery at the behest of a crown wearing swan. New lovers, Vincent and Fury, also take a dip to Mermadom where the King wants rid of a veritable booty of sunken treasure.

From three realms, three questions arise: Firstly, what are the true consequences of Epona rubbing a rusty old lamp? Secondly, why does Elliot’s client have such a preoccupation with weeds? And lastly, what really happened to the twenty-seven ships in the back-seabed of Mermadom’s Royal palace?

At the centre of all three cases is a Mermaid who may just hold the key to alleviating the plights of all those involved.

Journey once again to Arbor, a World-Tree full of wonders, where jeopardy lurks behind every judgment and mystery beside every mediation. 'Blackstone & Brenwen: Swan Song for a Sibling', Fairy Tale Legal Thriller and eagerly anticipated sequel to 'Blackstone & Brenwen: The Mirror & The Meretrix'.

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