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Devoted by Emery Skye: Interview + Giveaway


Devoted (Angel Academy #1)
by Emery Skye

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy
Publisher: LemonPress Publishiing
Number of pages: 388
Cover Artist: Tamara Sands

“Her world, her mission…is about to change. What do you choose when your blood is on the line?”

A world where your life is a mission and to succeed you must have resolute devotion to duty.

Seventeen-year-old Anna Hasdiel is a noviate at Hope Academy, a secret school for young angels where she and her sister, Amalie, train to become Warrior Legites with the duty of protecting humans from Demons for the Legion United.

Anna's devoted to the angelic cause.

She's always known she would be a Warrior for the Legion. Her world is about to change.

Noviates have been disappearing from Angel Academies around the world. No one knows why. They just hope they won’t be next.

The Powers send in Legite Nathaniel Deror for protection. Legite Deror is strong, fierce and mysterious. He seems to have it in for Anna one second and the next he’s rescuing her. He makes her feel things she shouldn’t.

They must travel to the home of the fallen Archangel Lucifer, where they will fight past a host of deadly enemies. Where do loyalties lay?

She never planned for this. She never planned for him.

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Gemini Emery is a horse trainer living in Colorado with two yappy dogs and a few quirky horses.

She graduated from Regis University with a BS in Business Administration and a minor in philosophy.

A life-long reader, Emery has always had a special affection for the urban fantasy and paranormal romance realms.

When not riding horses or writing, she likes archery, hiking and shooting. She reads until her vision blurs, spends time with family and drinks an excessive amount of chai and coffee.

Devoted is her first novel.

Q & A with Author Emery Skye 
Tell us a little bit about your main characters.
Amalie—Anna describes her as an artist in Chanel surrounded by robots in Gortex. Amalie loves to draw and everything about art and life. She’s outgoing, spirited, giving and full of life. She’s also irresponsible and acts her age—15. She doesn’t quite blend in with the rest of the noviates.

Anna—Determined, disciplined, and devoted. However, Anna is conflicted with which duty she should be more devoted to: to her sister or to the angelic cause. She always watched out for her sister and they have a strong, unbreakable bond. She also has quite a temper when provoked.

Nathan—Tall, dark, guarded and wounded from his past. He lost both his parents to a demon attack and had to grow up quickly. He’s all his family had and, as such, he’s taken the position as protector and provider.

Taylor—Taylor is complicated with a superiority complex. She’s insecure for the most part. She struggles with discipline and has a big mouth. She’s exotic looking and has a need for popularity.

Describe your ideal writing spot.
On the patio looking out at the sunset with a cup of coffee on the table next to me.

Who designed the covers for your book and what was that process like for you as the author?

Tamara Sands designed the cover for Devoted (An Angel Academy Novel). She was awesome, but the process was terrible. I realized how much I SUCK at communicating. I had a vision and Tamara worked with my on everything. I think the end result was better than I could have ever imagined!

What is the best advice you have been given?
a. Life’s what you make of it.

How do you keep busy when you're not writing?
a. I usually spend time reading, chatting with my friends and little sister, playing with my nephew, riding horses or hiking in the mountains

If you could have any superhuman ability, what would you choose and why?

I posted this question on my fan page, because I just couldn’t decide. After all the responses, I ended up choosing superhuman ability of telekinesis with a dose of imagery. That way, I can help move what I need to and take away the pain and suffering of others with my mind.

Which do you prefer: hard/paperbacks or ebooks?
I love having a book to hold and the feel of the paper on my fingertips when I turn the pages. There’s something nostalgic about it, but I love the convenience of ebooks. I think I’ll always have bookcases with shelves full of novels, it wouldn’t be home without them.

What book are you reading now?
I’m reading Convenant (An Unearthly Novel).

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