Tuesday 20 September 2016

Dazzled by Darkness by Erica Miles

Dazzled by Darkness: A Story of Art & Desire
by Erica Miles 

Sara is a book-smart Jewish girl who works at the Brooklyn Museum Art School. 'G' is a street-smart Latino apprentice who creates radical, in-your-face art work. When these two NY opposites meet, something clicks and wheels begin to turn. In this unique novel about mental illness, art history, and time-travel, readers will experience life in the 1960's and life during the Renaissance (and other great periods of Art History) like they never have before! The two main protagonists each escape into their own fantasies (hearing voices on the part of schizophrenic Sara; imagined interactions with Dead Master Artists, on the part of "G"), both ending up in a Compulsive-Obsessional World of Art & Desire!

Kindle Edition, 433 pages
Published November 2015 by Createspace (first published May 18th 2015)

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Erica Miles received her B.A. in Theater from Brooklyn College and her M.A. in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages from Teachers College, Columbia University. Her poetry and short stories have been frequently published in the Greenwich Village Literary Review and Void Magazine. In January, 2016, her debut novel, Dazzled by Darkness: A Story of Art & Desire, was nominated as a Big City Book Club Selection for The New York Times.

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