Wednesday, 11 June 2014

That's What HE Said #11

That's What HE Said
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where you share your favorite line from your book boyfriend to his heroine. 

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"Last night was a game changer, so far as I'm concerned.  I gave you your space, let you go.  But you came back, so now you're fair game.  I'm done being the nice guy."

- Liam

Devil's Game (Reapers MC #3)
Kindle Edition, 352 pages
Published June 3rd 2014 by Berkley
Location 2797
Liam "Hunter" Blake hates the Reapers MC. Born and raised a Devil's Jack, he knows his duty. He'll defend his club from their oldest enemies-the Reapers-using whatever weapons he can find. But why use force when the Reapers' president has a daughter who's alone and vulnerable? Hunter has wanted her from the minute he saw her, and now he has an excuse to take her.

Em has lived her entire life in the shadow of the Reapers. Her overprotective father, Picnic, is the club's president. The last time she had a boyfriend, Picnic shot him. Now the men in her life are far more interested in keeping her daddy happy than showing her a good time. Then she meets a handsome stranger-a man who isn't afraid to treat her like a real woman. One who isn't afraid of her father.

His name is Liam, and he's The One.

Or so she thinks.

My Thoughts
Just to make it clear, Liam is NOT anyone's knight in shining armor.  In fact, through at least half of the book he's a pretty big jerk, and Em really should have just shot him when she had the chance...But, he's one of those guys that you love even though you hate him. can be so complicated. 

This quote is referring to fact that Liam knew that any relationship between him and Em was doomed, so he let her go...but she couldn't stay away.  Game on.


  1. That's a pretty cool quote. He let her go, she came back, so that is fair game. She obviously wants him.

  2. Intriguing! Sounds like a real bad boy, and I just love them no matter how big jerks they are. I'll check this book out soon, gotta meet Liam. ;)

  3. Definitely bad boy material right there!