Saturday, 23 August 2014

Overshadowed Hope by Becca Lee Nyx

Overshadowed HopeOvershadowed Hope by Becca Lee Nyx
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Overshadowed Hope is the story of Missy. She feels she has had a tough life, and it seems that the pressure is building from all sides – her classroom, her family, her lost love, and most of all herself. Missy is miserable but doesn't realize it. She is lonely even though there is family around her. Her worst enemy is herself, and it is slowly killing her.

I really liked Missy. She is very complex character, and her emotions were brought out well in the story. As I was reading I could her hurt and pain. It was heartbreaking reading her story. She reminisces of things past and dreams of how things could be, should be, but she doesn't know how to change things. Missy is not interested in help; she doesn't feel anything is wrong with her. But she finds she cannot run forever.

This story was well written and very emotional. I thought the author did an excellent job fleshing out her characters and making them real. It was interesting to be inside of the head of someone with an eating disorder, and I greatly enjoyed Missy's story.

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