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A Portal in Time by Claire Fullerton: Interview + Giveaway

A Portal in Time
by Claire Fullerton

Genre: Paranormal/Historical Romance
Number of pages: 192
Cover Artist: Elaina Lee/For the Muse Designs

When we are inexplicably drawn to love and a particular place, is it coincidence, or have we loved before?

Enigmatic and spirited Anna Lucera is gifted with an uncanny sixth-sense and is intrigued by all things mystical. When her green, cat-eyes and long, black hair capture the attention of a young lawyer named Kevin Townsend, a romance ensues which leads them to the hauntingly beautiful region of California's Carmel-By-The-Sea where Anna is intuitively drawn to the Madiera Hotel. Everything about the hotel and Carmel-By-The-Sea heightens her senses and speaks to Anna as if she had been there before.

As Anna's memory unravels the puzzle, she is drawn into a past that's eerily familiar and a life she just may have lived before.

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Claire Fullerton is the author of Paranormal/Historical Romance, “A Portal in Time.” Her second novel, “Dancing to an Irish Reel,” set in Connemara, Ireland, will be published in March, 2015. Claire is a contributor to numerous magazines as well as a multiple contributor to the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” book series. She is a multiple award winning essayist, a former major-market radio disc jockey, and an avid ballet dancer. Claire hails from Memphis, Tennessee, and currently divides her time between Malibu and Carmel, California with her husband and two German shepherds!

Q & A with Author Claire Fullerton 

Q:  Tell us a little bit about your main characters
Keep in mind that “A Portal in Time” takes place in two time periods: modern day and the beginning of the 1900’s. 

In Modern Day:
Anna Lucera is gifted with “dependable intuition,” which is a trait passed down from her Italian mother. She is twenty-six, slightly built, with long, straight, black hair and green eyes. She lives in Los Angeles where she writes for magazines, and, as a by-product of her intuitive abilities, she’s extremely interested in all things metaphysical-- so much so that she is actually taking a class in developing her intuition. In class, she is learning how to read the auric field as well as the chakra system because she feels she has an obligation to learn all she can about the subject so that she can use her abilities wisely. Anna is creative, impulsive, curious, a little off-beat, and fun to be around.

Kevin Townsend is a thirty-year old lawyer who has recently moved from Massachusetts to Los Angeles, as he has recently accepted a position at a prestigious firm. He is of Norwegian descent, and is six foot tall, blue-eyed, with long blond hair. He is steady, reliable, confident and fascinated in Anna Lucera, whom he meets in the elevator of his apartment building in Beverly Hills.

In the early 1900’s:
Valeria Sienna is eighteen, and born into a prominently prosperous Italian family that resides in San Francisco. She is schooled in the way of manners, vivacious, inquisitive, optimistic, and infatuated with Anders Kristiansen.

Anders Kristiansen is a Norwegian portrait artist, newly arrived in San Francisco. He is twenty-six with long blond hair and an elegant demeanor. He is self-possessed, creative and unusually talented. He has mesmerizing eyes, a captivating presence, and a vision for his life with the confidence to achieve it.

Q:  What was your favorite scene to write? 

 A:  The garden scene at the Sienna’s Victorian estate in San Francisco wherein Anders Kristiansen is scrutinized regarding his intentions towards Valeria’s father by her father: the formidable Domenico Sienna.

Q:  What is your work schedule like when you're writing?
I treat it as a full-time job and am at my computer first thing in the morning, coffee in hand. I write until midafternoon with a few interruptions: taking the dogs out to play, walking around, that kind of thing. At the end of the afternoon, I do a little Yoga/Pilates/Ballet stretching routine ( I taught a class in this for many years and still keep up with it). Then I convene with my husband, make dinner, and we eventually take the dogs to the beach. 

 Q:  How has your environment/upbringing colored your writing?
I was raised in the Deep South, and that environment colors everything, even though I now live in California. Southerners tend to be extremely social, and I’ve always paid rapt attention to the way people present themselves, which has flavored my writing. I’m habitually intrigued by the character and nuances of people; much of it shows in my writing. As for “A Portal in Time,” much of the story is set in a little village called Carmel-by-the-Sea on California’s Monterey Peninsula, where I spend part of the year. It is a hauntingly beautiful area, with pine trees and cypress groves all along the coast with temperate climate and an ever present mist in the air. The coastal environment of Carmel was the only place to tell this story!

  Q:  If you could be any character from your book, who would you be and why?
I would be Anders Kristiansen! He has a magnetic quality about him, is extremely confident, artistic and follows the beat of his own drum. Because he is Norwegian and newly arrived to San Francisco, he is able to be in the stream of its opulent society, yet not of it. People find him attractive, intriguing and fascinating.

Q:  What do you do to unwind and relax?
I meditate, read and take long walks.

Q:  If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?
Scotland, Wales and Ireland because of the history. At one time, I lived in Ireland and will be returning this October. My second novel takes place there!

Q:  What book are you reading now?
“The Little Friend” by Donna Tartt.

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