Monday, 28 January 2013

Think Out Loud #10

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So, here is my Think Out Loud for this week!

I know this meme does not have to be about books, but this week I have decided to make a top 10 list –
The Top 10 Reasons I Love Books!
I have had a love for reading since before I can even remember, and if you are reading this blog, chances are you are a book lover, too.  Here are my reasons for loving books...

1. They expand my imagination. Sometimes when I am reading I think I know how the story is going to end, and then the author throws in an amazing twist that I would have never thought of myself. I love being surprised!

2. They allow me to travel without leaving home. I had not read much fantasy until this last year, and now I am hooked! I love discovering new worlds different than our own, created solely in the mind of the author. I have also learned about new cultures and different countries from the 'real world' from the books I have read.

 3. They are an escape. Sometimes when life gets demanding and I feel like I need to get away from everything, I can grab a book and immerse myself in other people's drams and dilemmas. 

4. They widen my mind and challenge the way I think. Sometimes a character in a book does something or says something that gives me pause and makes me really think.

5. They introduce me to many great new friends. Have you ever had a character you just could not stop thinking about, even after you had finished the book? I have, many times.

 6. They teach me. Reading not only allows me to expand my knowledge of different cultures and people, but also helps to expand my language and vocabulary.

 7. They entertain me. As long as I have a book, I will never be bored.

 8. They make me see things from different perspectives other than my own. I love books that are able to tell the same story from multiple perspectives. Each character sees the story unfold through a unique perspective, and they are each different from how I see the story.

9. They can make people wonder about your sanity. I admit it – I have been sitting and reading in public, at the doctor's office or at the DMV, and I started laughing out loud at something in a book. I do it at home all the time, but my family is used to my craziness :)

 10. Books change me. Each book I read leaves me with something new, so by the end of the book I am a different person. 

Why do you love to read? What do you get out of a good story?


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  1. Great and funny post! :) I love your reading system: concise and catchall. For me, reading is experiencing things and adventure I would never dare to have in real life - total coward :) and the infinite range of opportunities with wild power of imagination...