Saturday, 15 September 2012

Covet by J.R. Ward

Covet (The Fallen Angels, #1)Covet by J.R. Ward
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Jim Heron has a top-secret military background, from which he is taking a leave of absence and trying for a normal life, and then he dies. He is given the opportunity of a lifetime: Being sent back. The catch? He is to be in charge of saving the souls of seven people from the seven deadly sins. The war now is between good and evil, and failure is not an option.

Vin DiPietro is an extremely wealthy businessman who only cares for the most expensive, most beautiful things in life. He is thrown for a loop by Marie-Terese, a working girl who has had to make many hard decisions in her life, but is always trying to do the right thing for her son.

I loved the development of the characters in this book. You get inside of their heads and their lives, and you really like them. They each have such a detailed background that you feel like you know them and you find yourself cheering them on throughout the book.

For those who are already fans of Ward, she throws some crossovers from her Black Dagger Brotherhood series into the mix, but don't worry if you have not read the BDB series (which you should, by the way), this is a completely separate stand-alone series.

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