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Painted, Lady by Skyler White: Interview +Giveaway

Painted, Lady
by Skyler White

Genre: Contemporary Erotica

Publisher: SilkWords

Date of Publication: January 3, 2015

Word Count: Reader Vote story

Cover Artist: Indie Designz

When even the month’s rent spent on new brushes isn’t enough to inspire the painter she loves, Sadie offers her body as bait for his muse.

But modeling is more revealing and more pleasurable, riskier and more erotic than she ever expected. And muses can be monstrous.

The child of two college professors, I left high school to pursue a career in ballet. Since then, I’ve worked in theater and advertising, earned a Master’s degree and appeared on reality TV, and if you can find a “career path” in that, you have a better eye for pattern than I do.

My debut novel, ‘and Falling, Fly‘ was named one of the top sci-fi/fantasy books of 2010 by Library Journal, Barnes & Noble’s Sci-Fi Blog, and Dear Author. My follow-up, ‘In Dreams Begin‘ was accorded the same honor by Fantasy Literature. ‘The Incrementalists,’ co-written with Steven Brust, was one Publisher’s Weekly Top 10 Sci-Fi/Fantasy titles for Fall 2013, and recently, I've started exploring indie publishing with "Offerings," a serialized sacred erotica.

I write angels and scientists, demons, faeries and revolutionaries, secret societies and sacred sex because I’m interested in the places where myth and modernity tangle. I’m a mother and a rebel, a wife and a romantic. I’m a liberal living in Texas, an existentialist witch, and a sucker for paradox – lucky thing, right?

Q & A with Author Skyler White

Q: Tell us a little bit about your main characters.
: Sadie is a bleached-blonde slam poet masquerading as a waitress because she's crazy in love with a painter. As good as she is with words, she has no ability to ask for what she wants, and she's ignoring her own art trying to enable her boyfriend's. But this is about to change.

James is Sadie's painter boyfriend. He's maniacally focused, passionate, and selfish. He has absolute faith in the power of beauty and art and is willing to sacrifice anything for it.

Q: Describe your ideal writing spot.
Where I want to write depends on what I'm writing and how it's going. Home is an amplifier for me. If my work is going well, it's the best place to work. I have all my research books nearby and coffee, a kneeling chair, a yoga ball, and a standing desk. If my work is not going well, home is the worse place. I have the dishes to do, the laundry to fold, magazines to read, and my bed, the sofa or the Big Red Chair to nap in.

The only thing I'm precious about in terms of writing environment is sound. I can edit pretty much anywhere, but I can't write new words if there's music or conversation around me. I end up following its path instead of my own. I plug in my earbuds and play an hour-long loop of white noise "thunderstorms" to drown out any ambient noise. It also serves as an "Occupied" sign for my head, that folks in coffee shops and my husband and kids (mostly) tend to respect.

Q: Who designed the covers for your book and what was that process like for you as the author?
SilkWords uses a company called Indie Designz, and the process is easy for me anyway! I write up a bit of blurb on the book, answer a questionnaire and they send back art. I think this is my favorite one yet. Sadie looks almost exactly like she does in my mind. She's a poet, but she's lost her voice, so the hair covering her eyes works beautifully, and she's canvas-pale, which is important when you're in love with a painter. It works on a couple of other levels too, but I can't really talk about those because which ones become relevant depends entirely on where readers take the story. I like them all as possibilities.

Q: What is the best advice you have been given?
I've been very lucky in my friends, so I've gotten a lot of excellent advice, but here's what comes to mind first: Don't forget to eat. Food, but mostly other things. Feed your mind. See things. Go to museums and movies. Have your heart broken. Travel. Read non-fiction. Meet your friends for dinner. Play. When nothing is coming out, it's probably because there's been nothing going in.

SilkWords is the go-to source for interactive romance and erotic fiction.

With gorgeous custom covers and a clean, sophisticated design, the SilkWords site offers a secure, upscale reading environment. In addition to content on their web site, they offer stories for purchase in the standard e-book formats.

SilkWords is owned and operated by a full-time mom with a background in genetics and an RWA RITA-nominated, multi-published sci-fi romance author.

Their technology guy and site designer was the founder of Microsoft Xbox Live.

SilkWords features two formats that allow readers to choose how the stories will proceed.

Pick Your Path:
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Reader Vote:
 Readers vote at choice points and decide how the story will continue. These stories are a great way for readers and authors to connect. It’s exciting to be part of a developing story!

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