Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Muckydum - The Story of a Haunted Man by Stephen Chiarelli

Muckydum - The Story of a Haunted Man
by Stephen Chiarelli

Bill Hammond lives a lonely life yet shuns any intimate contact with the people around him. He is haunted by visions of people from his dysfunctional relationships, but does his best to ignore or avoid them. Conjuring up fleeting memories of his wife and teaching Shakespeare at the local college provide him with his only semblance of happiness. When he uncharacteristically befriends a withdrawn student in one of his classes he is inadvertently taken on an emotional roller coaster that sends him deeper into despair. On a frantic search for answers he comes to realize that he must affirm his own indiscretions in order to come to terms with how his life has come to pass.

Ten years later on a sunny spring morning Breanna Sutton is reluctantly meeting with Bill, who is now a recluse in an isolated cabin up in Northern Ontario. He had inexplicably started Breanna off on a rewarding and lucrative career that makes her feel bitterly obligated to the old man. She discovers Bill adrift in a world of fantasy and in severe need of medical attention. But the stubborn old man insists that she listen to his recount of his romance with his wife and its tragic conclusion before consenting to get the help he needs. Through the course of an agonizing day, Breanna learns what family truly means and about the obligations that come with it.

Muckydum will take you on the journey of a tormented man's pursuit to clear his conscience before it's too late and a woman's realization that life isn't measured solely by one's successes.

About the Author: Stephen was born and raised in Ontario, Canada. Currently he resides in the Niagara Region.

Stephen published his first book, The Connected, in 2008. His latest book, Muckydum - The Story of a Haunted Man, was published in March, 2012 in ebook formats. A trade paperback of Muckydum will be available soon from

All his books are available at various online retailers.

Stephen is currently working on a third full-length novel. He is also working with his editor to compile a book of his short stories.

A sample of his short stories is available on his website at  


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