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Seeing Ghosts by James Garcia Jr. + Giveaway

TitleSeeing Ghosts

AuthorJames Garcia Jr.

Genre:  Paranormal

Page Count:  147

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Book Description:  Paul Herrera finds himself bequeathed a mysterious old house near the California central coast by a deceased aunt he never knew. The woman who shows it to him is the spitting image of his wife, taken from him three years before in a senseless car accident which also took his unborn son.

While he deals with the ghosts of a past he cannot let go, there are new ghosts Paul must deal with - alone for the week in the expansive two-story house that he will soon discover holds many secrets.

Eventually, he will see that he is surrounded by ghosts as he struggles to hold onto the only thing that he has left in this world - his sanity.

4 out of 5 stars
Three years after losing his wife, Paul is still struggling to let her go.  He thinks about her constantly to the point where he has not been able to move on with his own life.  When Paul and his brother, Ray, inherit a house from an aunt they do not remember, Paul decides to move in to get away from things.  Alone in the secluded house, strange things begin to happen, and Paul soon discovers his wife is not the only ghost hanging around. 

I love good ghost story, and this one did not disappoint.  I felt sorry for Paul and his struggles to live after loving the love of his life, though at times, especially in the beginning, I wanted to yell at him to just get over it.  It had been three years…I get it, he loved her, but it is time to move on already.  I enjoyed watching his progression throughout the story.  He struggled still, but he was trying.  The other characters were great as supporting roles, including Ray, the brother, and Anne, the real-estate lawyer.

The setting of this book was a little dark and a little creepy, just the way I like my ghost stories.  Though I was able to guess some of the plot twists, there were enough surprises to keep me guessing and an overall haunting feel to the story (pun intended). 


         I suppose you can say this whole thing began and ended with ghosts. Not all my life, of course, but only all that ever really mattered. Everything before meeting Angie happened simply to get me prepared for our life together. No real living had occurred until that moment. After Angie died, I was left only with ghosts. Now tonight I lie beside another woman who is not my wife, and who I have yet to touch. I marvel at her even, peaceful breathing as I stare at the awful ghost that sits calmly, but menacingly, near the foot of the bed.
          Aunt Flora is dead and has been for several months. There’s really no reason on God’s green earth why she should be here, in my home, a place she’d never visited in life, but here she sits just the same, and I’m sure I know why. Perhaps it has everything to do with her not having a home of her own any longer, or because she’s lost her husband once again. She seems to grin at me as if she can read my thoughts.
          Now she nods dramatically to say that she can, indeed.
          “What do you want, Flora?” I finally ask, whispering. I try to be as quiet as possible. It seems like a useless proposition. Peace is an illusion to me at this point; like something so far out of my grasp as to be laughable.
          “You know what I want, Paul.” Her voice is low and calm, but seems to reverberate against the walls. “You know very well what I want,” she says as the all-too-familiar lightning flashes outside probe into the bedroom and illuminate her. A gust of wind rattles the window briefly. It must’ve been the reason I awoke in the first place. I’m pretty sure it was just wind, but who could know at this point? In any event, there’d be no more sleeping.
          I see Flora’s terrible features—that aged and deep-wrinkled skin pulled over high cheekbones; and that profound smile that brings no pleasure, but only sets me on edge. Thunder roars in the distance as if on queue. I am intimately familiar with this particular storm. Both it and Flora seem to have followed me.
          “I can’t help you with that, Flora,” I say.
          “Yes, I know. All you can do is bring everything to ruin.”
          I stare at the ghost and say nothing further, taking in the sight of her with her long-sleeved white blouse, dark slacks and black shoes. It’s incredible to me that I’m having another conversation with my aunt. It’s clear she holds me to blame for what’s happened. If I wasn’t afraid before, there’s no denying it now.
          Flora reclines against the winged-back chair that was Angie’s favorite and smiles. Her arms remain atop the arm rests, the perfect picture of quiet. Another bolt lights up the sky and my eyes immediately find her claw-like fingers as they seem to be digging into the upholstery. Now I know better and I shiver at this apparently perfect culmination of events.
          “It’s not over, Paul,” Flora says. Her tone is firm and reminds me of a wild animal’s growl. “You know damn well what I want! It is all that I have ever wanted. But you have taken that from me. You have taken far too much. Now I shall do the taking. Do you hear me, Paul? Do you understand what I am telling you?”
          Now I’m the one who leans back. I sit up first, positioning myself against the tall headboard. Here is a trend I can’t shake free of—me being awake as the night wanes. Another burst of lightning flashes across the Central California sky and then disappears, casting the room back into shadow. Thunder sounds. The storm is fast approaching. I say nothing more as I recline and simply stare at my dead aunt who sits and stares back, composed for the moment. It would seem I’ve become quite comfortable with ghosts, doesn’t it? 

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About the Author:  James Garcia Jr. was born in the Central California town of Hanford. He moved up the road to Kingsburg with his family as a child. After graduating KHS, he attended Reedley College where he met his wife. They, along with their teenage sons, still make their home in Kingsburg which is also the setting of James’ vampire series. Dance on Fire was published in 2010 and its sequel Flash Point was published Halloween 2012. His third book entitled, Seeing Ghosts, a stand-alone paranormal romance is set for a June 2013 release.

James is an Administrative Supervisor for Sun-Maid Growers of California.

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  1. Hi, Sheri. Greetings from sunny California and specifically from the central valley near Fresno where I hide in air conditioning during the summer. *laughs* I thank you for allowing me the great opportunity to take over your lovely site for the day. I also was thrilled to see your review. Thank you for taking the time to check out my book. For a horror guy, I was really pleased the way this first attempt at a paranormal came out. Especially the romance angle. I could really get used to the fun I had writing that. :)
    Take care, thanks again, and have a great finish to the week.


  2. Book sounds great! I love ghost stories and I'm a definite believer. I live in a haunted house. But all is well. We co-exist peacefully. :-)

  3. The book sounds like a great read. I've seen some strange inexplicable things in my life, and I'd love to be Mr. Science Guy and say there must be something to cause whatever it was I saw, but...part of me will never give up the thought that it was ghost-related. I do think there are more things in Heaven and Earth than are dreamt of in our philosophy.

  4. No, I don't believe in ghosts and any paranormal activity.

  5. What a whimsical cover! It's lovely.
    Yes, I believe in ghsots. I'm just glad there are none in my current home.
    At least none that have made themselves known!

  6. Thanks for stopping by, everyone. We appreciate the comments and discussion. I like to believe in a world where ghosts exist, but ask that none follow me home. They can stay at Rhonda's house... Yikes!!


  7. I believe in ghosts. I have had experiences that could not be logically explained in any way that I know of. There are many people who claim to have had paranormal occurrences. I am inclined to believe that most of these claims could be that the person was mistaken. Others could perhaps be explained by scientific means, caused by the need of attention, or possibly mental illness. Those that do not fall into those categories must then be truly otherworldly experiences.