Monday, 3 December 2012

Think Out Loud #8

What is Think Out Loud?

Think Out Loud is a weekly meme created by Thinks Books to break out of the blogging bubble. Consider your Think Out Loud posts a time to do WHATEVER YOU WANT!

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I had been sitting here trying to think of something to post for my Think Out Loud this week, when I got an invite from my Goodreads friend, Faye, who needs some help. 
Here is what Faye has to say:
Hey Guys!

So you may, or may not have heard about Mira Ink's new competition #BlogINK. This competition is for the chance to win a blogging job for Mira.
The first round was to write a blog post of up to 500 words and the top 10 were then put through to the second round.

I was one of those top ten!

The next round was filming a 60-second video convincing Mira to choose us. My video went live today and now we have to do a social media campaign to spread our videos across the world wide web.

This is where YOU come in.

If you could please watch, comment, share, like, - all or any of the above - I would be truly grateful!
Every view, comment, share and like counts and I would really like this job.

Here's the video;

Thanks in advance for your help and support <3

So, here is my Think Out Loud for this week!

Good luck Faye!

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  1. This was a great idea Sheri!! I spread the #TeamFaye love everywhere. Fingers crossed for her! And great post by you. Thanks for Thinking out Loud.