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Q & A with S.T. Sanchez

by S.T. Sanchez 

Lilly is a sunwalker—a vampire born from human parents, able to walk in the daylight. She lives life as human, hiding her true identity from all those around her. One evening, she comes to the rescue of her best friend, Lex, as a vampire is about to make a meal out of her. Lilly is drawn to him, despite her desire to loathe him for almost murdering Lex, as he is the first of her kind she has ever met. As the vampire, Tread, begins to open Lilly's eyes to a world she has never known, Lilly must decide where she belongs. After she is betrayed by the person she loves most, Lilly is forced to submerge herself entirely in the vampire world, only to discover that Tread has a secret so shocking it could destroy them all. 

449 pages
Published May 27th 2017

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Sarah Sanchez was born in Dallas, TX. She graduated from the University of North Texas with a BA of Arts in Spanish. She loves to write fantasy. She is married and has three wonderful children. She loves hiking and spending time outdoors when she is not writing.

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Q & A with S.T. Sanchez

Tell us a little bit about your main characters. 
There are two main characters the story revolves around, Lilly and Tread.

Lilly is a Sunwalker, a vampire that has human parents, but can walk in the sunlight. She lives her life pretending to be human, in a world that hunts down and kills vampires. She has been loved and has human friends.

Tread is the first vampire Lilly meets. He is also a Sunwalker, but his upbringing was completely different. He was abandoned and considered a demon. He was raised in the vampire world, and despises humans.

After they meet he is curious about her lifestyle and they explore each other’s worlds, which gets them into some trouble. At the same time, it really broadens both their initial views of vampires and humans.

Who designs the covers for your books and what is that process like for you as an author?
I have an amazingly talented cover designer. Her name is Courtney Johansson. Her contact info is She is also an editor. So, I use her for both. I sent her a juvenile mockup of an idea I was having and she took my original idea and just wowed me. She sent me several amazing covers. It was really hard to decided. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with for Nightwalker, the sequel to Sunwalker.

Describe your ideal writing spot.
I should probably get a desk and sit in a chair and write, but I don’t. I sit on my bed with my laptop, some tunes and maybe a piece of chocolate or too. I can really write pretty much anywhere, but I need music in the background. It really helps inspire me.

 What is the best advice you have been given?
It sounds cliché but never give up. Keep writing. Keep trying. I didn’t publish the first story I wrote. Maybe you will maybe you won’t. Keep at it, until you love the story.

 As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I really wanted to be an animator. I drew crazy characters, which may someday appear in my books. As I got older I still enjoyed sketching but found I had other interests too.

 Which do you prefer: hard/paperbacks or ebooks?
I know the world is moving towards ebooks. I will read an ebook, but there is nothing like holding a book in your hand. I love to feel the weight of it, and visually see how much further I have to go. Sometimes I will slow down, if I can see I don’t have much left. If a book is good I don’t typically want it to end.

 If you could have any supernatural power, what would you choose and why?
I’ve actually thought about this quiet a bit, since I was little, before the big super hero craze. I have always wanted the same power. Although it would be totally cool to fly, I would love to be able to speak every language. There is something about knowing a second language. Some things just get lost in translation. There is such beauty in language and I hate to lose any.

 What book are you reading now?
I just started Dracula. It is the original vampire story, and I figured I should have that one under my belt. I am only a few pages in, but I am intrigued so far.

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