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Novels and the Law of Attraction by Carole Remy

I am excited to have author Carole Remy on our blog today!  See below for details on her books, Twelve Nights and Who is Candid? plus my reviews.

Thank you to all the moderators of the Shut Up and Read Group for inviting me here today. I love reading your posts, and am honored to be included.

Novels and the Law of Attraction by Carole Remy
 What do writing and reading novels have to do with the Law of Attraction? Plenty!

To use the Law of Attraction to maximum advantage, first you need to understand it. Everything is energy, even things. Easy for physicists, a little odd to grasp for the rest of us. Boiled down to basics, Like attracts like, but only for energy = emotions. The Universe doesn’t know a Bugatti from a bug, but if you feel happy, you automatically draw in more happiness.

As novelists, we can apply this understanding as we write. The more involved and enamored we are with our story, the more readers will be involved and enamored as well. Enthusiasm is catching. For this reason, I personally like to write fast. In some woowoo way, I think this gives the reader a fast, compelling read through my novels. That doesn’t mean careless or unedited, but rather a first draft that sings.

As readers, we all know that feeling we get when we just know that a writer LOVES her characters. What we are responding to is the writer’s energy, even thousands of miles and possibly hundreds of years distant. The magic of the written word is the way it holds energy, and gives it back to each eager reader!
When I was writing Twelve Nights, I got so caught up in the story of Aggie and Angela that I forgot to eat. My daughter would half-peel a banana and stick it through the door of my office. As soon as Jimmy came into the novel, I was in love, and couldn’t wait to see what he would do in the next scene. We all need a Jimmy in our lives! The weeks that I spent with the Twelve Nights crew—there’s a large supporting cast of quirky characters—felt like being backstage for a Broadway comedy. Energy, confusion, hilarity, costume changes, sex and more sex... Let’s just say I didn’t want to leave.

Who Is Candid?
was huge fun to write for an entirely different reason. Not to give away the punchline, but in Who Is Candid?, I could write ANYTHING! If there’s a fun way to have sex that isn’t in Who Is Candid?, write and tell me about it and I’ll put it in a sequel. Really! Each day I’d wake up thinking of a more outrageous episode for Lucy to embroil herself in. Again, the supporting cast felt like a big, dysfunctional family, always ready to stir up even more trouble. Of course, true love is what it’s all about, and let’s just say that when Lucy finds her true love, he’s a keeper. I’d keep him! Oops, well, he’s taken, but you know what I mean.
 Thanks for spending a few minutes with me here on the Shut Up and Read Group blog! Wishing you many happy hours of reading fun!
Carole Remy lives in Mexico with her beloved dog Gemma. When she isn’t writing and touring her novels, you can find her rescuing dogs, learning wood sculpture, and salsa dancing!
Connect with Carole:

Title: Twelve Nights
Author: Carole Remy
Genre: Erotic romance
Pages: 222
Cover Artist: Olga Ekaterincheva via Shutterstock, model release signed
Cover Designer: Marissa Lepe Preciado
Purchase From: Amazon
Book Description: $120,000 + Expenses: Rich man wants companion for 12 nights. Attractive normal female. Never married. No children. Over 30 years old. No prostitutes. Reply to box 74716.
Angela and Aggie are stunning identical twins, one a call girl and the other a librarian. If only Aggie will do the sweet-and-innocent interview, Angela is sure she can earn the fortune between the sheets. Jimmy is a lonely, horny half-billionaire and Richard is his hard nosed lawyer, and before long, the two friends are convinced they’re in lust with the same maddeningly hot woman!
Stir in a brilliant autistic younger brother, a nerdish doesn't-know-he's-ex-boyfriend, a well-meaning but alcoholic father, and a prostitute with the proverbial heart of gold. Then bring to a boil over a sizzling Twelve Nights!
This rollicking, bawdy coast to coast serving of sex and mayhem will make you laugh out loud even as you moan with delight. Author Carole Remy tickles, fascinates, and arouses in another inventive tale for those who love a hot story filled with unforgettable characters and lots of Sexy Fun!
My Review:
4 stars!
Twelve Nights is the charming story of Angela and Aggie – identical twins who get themselves into some twin trouble.  Angela, the 'bad' twin, manages to talk Aggie, the 'good' twin, into answering a personal ad together.  What can go wrong? 

This is the classic story of an identity switch gone amiss, with many adventures along the way.  Sometimes, we as the reader do not even know which twin is which, and it was a lot of fun trying to keep it all straight (believe me, you won't be able to!). 

This super sweet and sexy romance will keep you entertained and laughing at the girls' misadventures.   
Title: Who Is Candid?
Author: Carole Remy
Genre: Erotic romance
Pages: 226
Cover Artist: Catalin Petolea through Shutterstock, model release signed
Cover Designer: Marissa Lepe Preciado
Purchase From: Amazon
Book Description: Is love the ultimate virtual reality?
In the spring of 1998, recent graduate Lucy Ralph decides it's time to try something different. On a road trip across America, Lucy reinvents herself as 'Candid,' a naughty girl who has sexy fun with just about everybody she meets, and tells the world all about it!

Her raunchy 'Candid' Internet posts go viral overnight. From an unconventional encounter in the depths of Lewis and Clark Caverns, to sweet sex with a Belgian tourist under the watchful eyes of Abraham Lincoln at Mt. Rushmore, to cataclysmic orgasms on the roller coaster at the Mall of America, with many more adventures in between, she spins a modern day sexual Arabian Nights.
Lucy's being chased by a sweet and sexy inventor named Dick, the National Security Agency, the entertainment media, the paparazzi, and soon the entire nation. Can she extricate herself with the help of Elvis and an alien? Can she find true love?
Will we ever find out - Who Is Candid?
My Review:
4 stars!
Who is Candid? is a super fun story that kept me laughing all the way through.  Lucy, aka Candid, is on a journey of self discovery and unintentionally takes the whole nation with her.  Told through journal entries, emails, and phone conversations, the story follows Lucy and her sordid tales of adventure across the country as she causes trouble everywhere she goes.

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  1. I've read Twelve Nights and it's a sexy, sassy gem! I highly recommend it! The characters are fab, the plot well paced and the sensuality level HIGH!!! ;-) I'm halfway through Who is Candid? and it's certainly a naughty, sexy tale. Carole's style is original, her characters unique and her sex scenes hot!

  2. Hi Molly,

    Thank you for commenting, and for the compliments! I'm so glad you are enjoying my novels! Hug,


  3. Thank you, Shut Up and Read, for hosting me and my novels! I love your blog and visit often. I'm honored to be included on your pages!


    1. Thanks Carole! It was our pleasure to have you here :)


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