Sunday, 18 March 2012

Abandoned Angel by Kayden Lee

BEATEN, BLOODIED, AND DRUGGED, and things are going to get worse.

Angelina awakes from a drug-induced haze, alone in the dim parking lot of a biker gang’s clubhouse. Her violent husband, who has left her there to suffer, has kidnapped their young son. The desperate woman slowly makes her way into the rundown building with the hope of finding help. Instead, a gang of bikers, who intend to make the young mother their property, approaches her.

After a disheartening confrontation, a club member with a past full of disappointment and regret insists that the attractive woman ride with him. In doing so, he upsets the balance of the gang, infuriating another member in the process. As they travel across country, Angelina quickly learns that not only does she have to worry about the safety of her child, but her own safety as well.

It will take determination, inner strength, and the help of a handsome stranger in order for her to survive the ride of her life.

This romantic suspense novel will keep you speculating throughout the journey.

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