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The Keeper: Revenge by O.L. Ramos + Giveway

The Keeper: Revenge (The Keeper Series #2)
by O.L. Ramos

Paranormal Romance

Number of Pages: 296
Cover Artist: Dane Low
Buy Links:  Amazon

Book Description:  If the world you lived in was someday revealed to be nothing but a lie, would you really want the truth? Elizabeth McBeth did, and she's paid the price for it...

After almost 10 years since Liz's mother was taken from her, Liz finally found her mother, Mary. But Mary has been forever changed, something that Liz will have to accept. The beginning of happier times, one would think...

The conspiracy has been exposed; Liz, Vincent, Mary and Michael had all thought that the vampire plot had been destroyed. They should have never underestimated Klein.

Klein has reinforced his armies, splitting the entire vampire species with the question... is Klein the vampiric messiah? Unfortunately for the heroes and the world itself, Klein has set in motion a plan that will destroy the world and recreate it in his own image.

Will the group be able to defeat Klein and restore the balance to nature? Or are they already doomed?

♪♫  I absolutely love playlists!  ♪♫  
I always listen to ♪♫ music when I read, so whenever an author has a playlist at the end of a book or on their website I have to check out the ♪♫ songs.  It helps to give insight to their characters' thoughts and moods throughout the book.  
Here is O.L. Ramos's playlist for his characters.  
Just click on the link to be taken to the song on ♪♫ YouTube:


Vincent tilts his head and walks closer to me, stopping about two feet away. He looks down at me and blinks his eyes, seeming unsure of what to say. He opens his mouth as if to speak and then stops himself. He inhales deeply and licks his lips, narrows his eyes and just nods his head.

“That’s because, when it comes to your safety, nothing ever will be good enough,” he answers somberly, almost as if he hated saying it where others might hear. “You could shoot the bull’s-eye every single time, you could split bullets with other bullets, it still wouldn’t be good enough. You’re still a damsel in distress to me. Someone I need to protect, no matter what. And it’s not just because of the world and Klein’s plan. You’re my Goldilocks, Goldilocks.”

He looks at me and lifts my chin up gently with his finger.

“Though sometimes I’m just looking at your bubble butt for more than just the sake of your safety,” Vincent says with a cocky smile.

I try to slap him but he grabs my arm, so softly that I don’t even know his hand was on my forearm ‘til I see it with my own eyes.

“You always have to have the last word, don’t you?” I ask, feeling myself trembling. “You always got to be the joker, the one who doesn’t care about anything. You think you’re fearless or unbeatable?”

“Unbeatable? Nah, not even close,” Vincent says as he begins to stare at my lips. “Fearless? Hell no, I’m terrified. But I’m not terrified when I’m fighting Klein’s lackeys or dealing with whatever big baddie we gotta fight. I’m scared stiff when the idea of you being in harm’s way comes to my mind. But mostly? I’m just terrified when I’m in your presence. You. You scare the crap out of me.”

“Me?” I ask, unsure of what to say as I stammer through a simple word.

Vincent just continues to stare at my lips as he nods his head slowly.

Then it happens. I don’t even know why or how myself. But I just have to have him. I throw myself at him and drape my arms around the back of his neck. I kiss him passionately, almost aggressively. I feel my knees shake, almost buckling beneath my body’s weight as I feel his tongue softly massage my own. I feel goose bumps spring up all over my body as his fingers run through my hair. He pulls my head back gently and nibbles on my neck, teasing. I try to wrap my left arm behind his lower back when I feel him slowly pull away.

I keep my eyes closed for a few seconds, not sure of what has just happened. Vincent has his back to me, trying to hide his face.

Book One The Keeper: Awakening is free everywhere!
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About the Author:  From what I understand, the first line of this thing is where I say something really interesting that wins you over. After all, they say that you know within seconds of meeting a person whether you like them or not.

So...yeah... I got nothing. But if there is one thing I know, it's that through stories we discover the world, learn about history and traditions; and in doing that, we become who we are as an individual.

Since I was a very young child, my only dream was to become an author one day. I wanted to reach people with my words, maybe even entertain them. I wanted to touch their lives and give them something to think about. After all, I am a loveable blowhard kinda guy... that's gotta be entertaining, right?

In my life, I've done many things; from supervising sales for a retail giant chain to being a Deputy Sheriff. You would think that a person who had been shot at for a living would be brave enough to write a biography without all the sarcastic quips. Unfortunately no, that's one of my main flaws as the above mentioned blowhard.

Anyhoo, please feel free to drop me a line! If you loved the book, I wanna hear about it. If you hated every word of it, please make sure to let me know, but please avoid the CAPS LOCK! The font can be a little... demeaning. Make sure to have fun guys! They say you only live twice; and if that's true, we're at least half done.




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